Get actionable recom­mendations to improve your website’s effectiveness

With a UX audit, you identify flaws in your product that cause poor user experience and conversion rate.

A user experience audit is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product. It reveals which parts of a website or app are causing headaches for users and gives insights and recommendations to improve conversions, usability and overall user experience.

Your business benefits

Increase sales & leads

Different people are in a different part of the sales process. Identifying what their motivations to visit your website are, and guiding them to the information they want at that moment, increases sales and ensures those who contact you are ready to buy.

Create brand loyalty

Make sure your visitors feel good after their visit to your website. This often results in returning visits and more opportunities for your customers to connect with your business. This, in turn, results in higher average spending and increased customer lifetime value.

Provide accessibility

Remember that experiences, trends and best practices change over time. A poorly accessible website is not only bad for SEO. A bad user experience fails to give users the confidence to buy or contact you. That is why you should always evolve your design and overall website experience.

You are in good company

When should you consider a UX audit?

If you are asking any of these questions:

  • Why aren’t people signing up for our website?
  • What’s stopping free accounts from converting to paid customers?
  • Why are people not completing key user-flows (on-boarding, checkout, etc)?
  • How can people not understand how to use that feature?
  • Does our visual design support user’s decisions or is it standing in their way?
  • Is our website/app structured in a logical way?
  • What should we focus on when redesigning our website?
  • Is our website helping people achieve the right goal?

What can you expect?

  • Valuable insights about the biggest problems that your visitors encounter when interacting with your website.
  • Feedback and actionable recommendations based on best practices and heuristics.
  • A prioritisation matrix to help you decide what to focus on and implement first.
  • A roadmap with next steps on how to implement the solutions.

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