Establishing Communication and Collaboration with Visual Consistency

In order to improve its communication and collaboration process, both internally and to external stakeholders, CEFIC wants to offer its members, non-members and staff an online platform to share key information. I was commissioned to design a user-friendly Salesforce Community UI in accordance with CEFIC brand guidelines.

Process / Summary


The first objective was to get a clear picture of all the data and individual elements that are needed. During a few workshops, I gathered the information and insights required to create the wireframes.

Interface Design

This project required a more app-like interface design as it combines useful information and access to users calendars, meetings, resources and workspaces.

HTML Templating

After the design stage, I provided HTML templates based on the designs as a starting base for the Salesforce implementation partner.



A lot of work was already done by CEFIC internally. They conducted user interviews, determined content hierarchy and information architecture. The full community platform is quite elaborate because besides giving information it is also an entry point for people’s agendas and workspaces. Due to strict regulations in their sector, it was essential that the right information was available and could be accessed for external use. Through a series of workshops together with the client, we analysed and ordered the data. Meanwhile, those same workshops also helped me to get to know their inner workings and needs.

Interface Design

Through Color

The community is split into three parts. An extranet, an intranet and workspaces. Each with an overlap in content and data. Depending on the permission level, a user has access to one or more of the three main parts.
I created the UI with slight differences between the three main parts. This way users which have access to multiple parts are always clear where they are. Furthermore, the Salesforce Community is designed with user productivity in mind and adheres to existing CEFIC brand guidelines.

HTML Templates

Bringing it
to Life

In addition to designing the UI, I worked with the Salesforce implementation partner and provided HTML and CSS templates based on the design as a foundation to build upon Salesforce Community. Each component was built separately for easier implementation.

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